My kids have been in the condo for over 9 months. We are still happy with the purchase. Still amazed at her service and professionalism.

Recently I met the seller, and she was happy with the deal. Can you believe it. The buyer got a deal and the seller was happy. Dafna convinced the seller that our low price was really not low and a great price for the seller. Everyone was happy!

Tom M.
We are working with Dafna since 2004. She helped us to find and purchase our home and our investment properties. She was able to find our home before it went on the MLS and as a result we were able to avoid bidding against other multiple offers. She guided us with purchasing our investment properties. She helped locating them, negotiating for price and renting them. She continues to offer her knowledge, experience and support with managing the investment properties. She and her team are always available, when needed.
Vered Z.
Dafna truly is "the agent who listens".  Her greatest pleasure and desire is to help her clients achieve their goal of home ownership. She makes sure her clients are well-educated about buying and/or selling first! Then she leads them step-by-step to their goal! In our case, we wanted to find a nice condo for our twin daughters to share. She listened very clearly to their wants and desires but also steered them away from choosing something for the wrong reason. She told me that she would treat my children as though they were her own, and she did! She showed us properties and neighborhoods that she would want her own children to live in, safely and happily. Virtually, from the time we began talking with Dafna, my daughters found, negotiated, and moved into their cute condo within one month! Dafna and her team worked quickly and professionally to get our daughters into their new home in a timely manner. We could not be happier and we highly recommend Dafna and her team!
Sue S.
Dafna-Thanks again for being so responsive to our needs. Four days for concept to sold is pretty impressive.
Arlene B.

Dafna is truly the best real estate agent I could find. I was desperately trying to buy a condo in Palo Alto for my kids. I was a all cash buyer but wanted a real bargain. For two month we looked at every unit on the market with no success. Then I called Dafna on a Friday and we met the same day and reviewed our needs. That Sunday she showed us several condos. One of the Condos was perfect except for the price. She negotiated for it at less than I had budgeted for, the offer was presented and accepted on the Tuesday. We closed on Friday. That was exactly one week after we had started talking with Dafna. My very pregnant daughter in-law and son moved in that weekend. Dafna took care of every detail, most before they came up. Dafna really listened to what I wanted and never argued with me. She was very pleasant to work with. She was able to work with the escrow office to close in less than 3 days. Friends of our met the seller and they say she very happy with the deal. That is amazing happy buyer and seller... that is unreal. If you are serious about buying or selling talk to Dafna!